Cyber Monday Sale

Please fill out and submit the information below in order to have the link to our Cyber Monday form emailed to you.

  • Our sale will only be available on Cyber Monday between 12:00am until 11:59pm.

  • This is a “First Come, First Served” sale. First orders submitted when the sale opens will be the first orders filled.

  • Items included in the sale may be available in limited quantities at the sale price and are not to be included in advertising online or in print. This sale is private and confidential and meant only for the intended recipient of the Cyber Monday Sale email.

  • All sales are subject to availability and confirmation.

  • Delivery is included in sale pricing and will be made in early December (to Louis Glunz Wines accounts only).

By signing up for our sale you confirm that you have the legal authority to purchase wine for the stated account and will abide by the terms of the sale.

Cyber Monday SALE
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